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Irene Turner may become Mommie Deadest.

Since Irene arrived in Denver, Colorado to meet the grown daughter who was stolen from her at birth, she s been beaten up in in her hotel room and accused of killing her estranged husband. Her daughter, high school soccer coach Kinsey Masters, adores the wealthy parents who raised her and has no reason to doubt she s their child although some suspicious details are starting to surface about Mom s pregnancy and Dad s acquaintanceship with Irene back in the day. Mom may have something to hide or she may be on the killer s target list herself.

Detective Nate Paxton will do everything to protect Kinsey and solve the sordid mystery, but he s also badge-deep in an investigation that could unseat one of Denver s biggest drug lords who s eyeing Kinsey as Nate s weak spot.

A mother, told her baby s death was a lie.

A daughter, rocked by her true identity.

A detective, risking his life to protect them both.

All three of them . . . betrayed.

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