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This story takes place between 1901 and 1921. It is set in a quiet village in the Welsh Marches where two old men, The Reverend ApIvor and Old Eli, disagree over a moral issue that ends their long friendship. Each does so willingly to conceal the young people in their keeping and protect them and their secrets. But their well-intentioned actions have serious repercussions for the future. Years later, upon the death of Old Eli, a young woman, Lily, discovers her true identity and is suddenly thrust into a world of prejudice, anger, and revenge for the past. At odds with her affluent, middle class upbringing is the revelation that her mother, Mahalia, was raised a Romani. Within days, Lily is abducted, and narrowly escapes with her life. Fleeing, she finds help and friendship amongst the people she fears. She returns home determined to discover her true origins and locate her real father. When the Reverend ApIvor learns of his old friend's involvement with Mahalia and Lily, he wishes to make amends concerning his actions long ago.

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