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Janet and Edward?s sexual pursuits have led them and their kinky group of Switches? Delight swinging friends on a number of erotic adventures exploring their pleasures and desires. As they meet new people, their options grow more numerous. This leads them all to experimenting with ? and enjoying ? their bisexual natures, which results in increasing their kinky opportunities and experiencing erotic thrills none of them had expected. When they meet and play with a wealthy, bisexual, Dominant couple whose home has a fully-equipped dungeon, their erotic lifestyle rises to a whole new level. Everyone in Switches? Delight is thrilled to expand their sexual repertoire while investigating new aspects of Dominance and submission. Edward and Janet?s love for one another and their mutual desire to explore and experience the amazing sexual thrills they have sampled lead them to one erotic adventure after another. They and their friends discover that the more they pursue their kinky natures, the more exciting the results they enjoy. The thrills of sexual submission are complemented by the pleasures of erotic domination, and the dilemma of balancing the two presents a delightful series of sexual scenes. Now, the challenge facing them is how to top what they have all experienced. It?s an interesting problem to deal with and one that Janet and Edward address with enthusiasm. They explore new toys like single-tail whips and hot branding irons as well as different scenarios including same-sex dominance and submission. Whatever the results, they know they and everyone else involved will walk away smiling and sexually satisfied. Ultimately, the marks they bear are constant visual reminders of their shared journey into an erotic realm they embrace readily. Whether on their own or with other swingers, Edward and Janet keep finding new thrills. Deciding to keep all of their options open, they wonder who and what they will do next; and that serves as motivation to continue their sexual adventures wherever they might lead.

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año de edición: 2013
formato: Epublication content package
páginas: 139
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