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If you're ready to break repetitive patterns, if you want to have a rich, deep and authentic life experience, this book is for you.

If you're ready to break repetitive patterns, if you want to have a rich, deep and authentic life experience, this book is for you. The book you have in your hands is the way to understand who you really are and the wide spectrum of possibilities that await in your life story.

Enter into a deeper dimension regarding your great purpose as an individual and as part of humanity. Based on ontological coaching and the teachings of ancestral wisdom, this book will lead you to understand that truly, everything is possible.

"There are books that change lives and this is one of them. Alejandra Llamas has that surprising capacity to find what is important in life and, furthermore, knows how to communicate it. Her message, and the way that she expresses it on radio and television, is simply vital. But, to be honest, you haveto start by reading her."

Jorge Ramos, journalist and author.

"Coaching freed me from concepts that trapped my mind and soul. Thanks to personal coaching, I redirected my energy towards the right road, the road that makes you better and happier. To have been led by Alejandra Llamas is the best thing that ever happened to me."

Gloria Calzada

Biografía del autor

Alejandra Llamas knows the value of the commitment to live a transformative life experience. She identifies with work in which revealing the light and strength of others is the basis of her task, and she says she is fulfilled by observing how others free themselves from their burdens and let their inner magic shine.

She is a certified yoga teacher, trained by one of the world's most prestigious masters, Tias Little, in New Mexico. Parallel to her studies, she traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota to train as an ontological coach (human behavioral studies). With both certificates she began to give seminars on "thinking technology", focused on recognizing that people are centered on themselves in order to create their reality.

As a result of those experiences, she has trained several people before becoming the director and CEO of Ontologik Group, a yoga, art and coaching center in Miami. She personally gives and runs the teachings during eight months in the so-called "Certificate for Instructors of Manomayakosha Human Development Coaching."

Nevertheless, her openness and affection for other people became her major interest and she decided to transmit her curiosity to a larger audience by publishing her first book of her reflections, A Life Without Limits (Grijalbo, 2009). The book, aimed at people seeking inner peace is based on verses of the Tao Tse Ching with interpretations relating to human behavioral coaching.

She has a weekly TV program, Life Without Limits, broadcasted on the Proyecto 40 channel, and is a weekly contributor to MVS Radio on Simple y genial with Gloria Calzada. She is frequently invited to participate on diverse radio and TV programs, during which she speaks about these themes.

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