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For the first time in nearly 20 years, the original three novels of famed erotica author Olivia M. Ravensworth are back in print! In The Mistress of Castle Rohmenstadt, young Katherine inherits a secluded castle deep the in forests of Eastern Europe. Within these dark stone walls, the outwardly innocent American finds mystery piled upon mystery. What motivates the avuncularly smirking butler, the saucy twin chambermaids, and the other servants who cater to Katherine?s increasingly unashamed whims? Why does it grow so easy for the once-shy girl to explore her every desire, to punish her shapely twin French brunettes so intimately for any seeming slight, to demand more, ever more? Exactly what kind of man was the ancient, distantly related benefactor who set up such a household of perversion? And to what secret does the locked door at the base of the northeast turret lead?? The Desires of Rebecca follows a runaway of Elizabethan England, a waif cast out when another girl?s father stumbles upon their amorous dallying. Sobbing and ashamed, and with her naked flesh cut by the shocked man?s savage lash, Rebecca must flee. From the idyllic countryside of Devon, to the caravan of a Gypsy girl who understands her all too well, to the shadowy back alleys of the most sordid lanes of London, the once-sheltered blonde must make her way in a wide, threatening world. When in a sailors? dive she meets an enigmatic redhead who commands an all-female crew of buccaneers, it seems Rebecca might have found her place at last. And yet her stern Captain may very well be as cruel a mistress as the raging sea?Domestic Service shows what happens when a middle-aged yet still passionate couple find themselves with an empty nest. Seemingly out of the blue, Alan?s wife urges him to hire a live-in domestic, and though he is diffident, he cannot resist her growing entreaties. With surprising swiftness, then, Janet has found someone: a slinky, dark-eyed doctoral student witty and lovely and sly. It is too, too coincidental, and yet except for his own sudden primal surge of attraction, Alan has no objections he can raise. The three fall into a cozy life together, and yet when the faithful man comes to believe it is growing dangerously cozy, he suddenly realizes that he doesn?t even know the half of it?

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año de edición: 2014
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año de edición: 2014
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