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When Angels Fly tells of love and loss at a hospital in Spokane, Washington.After the death of her mother in 1988, Hailee Bradford Richards grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho, raised by her father, John Bradford, and a Shoshone Indian woman named Sadie. Deeply rooted in her tribal customs, Sadie had an ingrained belief that spirits walk among us, lending help with our daily lives.Now a doctor of radiology, Hailee has spent most of her adult life rejecting Sadie?s superstitious beliefs. Confronted with the unexpected death of her husband, Dr. Peter Richards, Hailee manages to get through his memorial before discovering that she is pregnant. Angry with God for taking another person she loves, Hailee struggles to accept the things she cannot change.Holden Chambers, chief of staff at Sacred Heart Hospital, befriends Hailee after failing to save Peter when he was brought into the ER. What begins as moral support turns into longing when Holden discovers he has fallen in love with the wife of his dead colleague.This heartfelt story reaches deep into our spirit to show us that we can survive, even after we think we have survived the worst that life has dealt us.

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