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Wotcha a contraction of the 15th-century English greeting "what chere be with you??| A watcher is a person who watches or observes somebody or something: A voyeur. Say WOTCHA! to Bart Raines, who?s condemned forever to be a watcher after a childhood prank left his eyelid glued to his beloved telescope. He is forever stuck with one eye that cannot see, and has turned voyeurism into a lucrative blackmail industry. Say WOTCHA! to former rock star and avid coke fiend Richard Winston Smith, who?s watched by millions. Say WOTCHA! to high-class whore Daisy Chains (neé Raines) and her teenage son Joe, who?s abducted along with his girlfriend by a sinister "Christian" cult, which leaves the kids to die, hogtied and helpless in a derelict drainage tunnel slowly filling with sewage. Wotcha! is a comic spit in the eye of born-again zealots with a wink and a twinkle to the rest of us, but it?s also deadly serious. Mining a rich seam of coal-black humour and sex, drugs, and rock and roll, it starts on a bittersweet nostalgia trip and builds up to the pace of a thriller.

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