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Yidali is a course for Chinese using the new technologies to teach in innovative ways to speak Italian, and continue to use it effectively. Video, audio, explanations, review activities, exercises pronunciation and grammar are all accessible directly within the ebook as a real language lab.

The course is divided into five ebook. Yidali 4, consists of three paths, consolidates the lexicon presented with Yidali 1, 2 and 3 and explains how to use the 480 most frequent words in the Italian language, the verb to be and to have, the present and the present continuous of regular and irregular verbs, possessive adjectives, the more common articles and phraseology, as well as showing some cultural differences between Chinese and Italian which, if ignored, can make communication difficult.

To help memorization, each educational path has many activities to review the level of communication and grammar starting from the situation shown in the video, as well as many records in the Chinese language, the translation of the dialogues and the keys to all the exercises.

The ebook is readable by all tablet computers and smartphones with a specific application. Apple users can use iBooks (Free), Windows users have access to Adobe Digital Edition (free on the Adobe website) and Android users can download the free app "Gitden Reader" from Google Play that supports audio and video. Kindle users require an Internet connection.

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