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350 pàgines
Format: Tela
ISBN: 9781541673403
Idioma: INGLÉSMatèria: Estudis Amèrica de Nord
DescripcióThe unknown history of two ideas crucial to the struggle over what America stands forIn Behold, America, Sarah Churchwell offers a s urprising account of twentieth-century Americans' fierce battle for the nation's soul. It follows the stories of two phrases--the Am erican dream and America First--that once embodied opposing visions for America.Starting as a Republican motto before becoming a hug ely influential isolationist slogan during World War I, America First was always closely linked with authoritarianism and white supr emacy. The American dream, meanwhile, initially represented a broad vision of democratic and economic equality. Churchwell traces th ese notions through the 1920s boom, the Depression, and the rise of fascism at home and abroad, laying bare the persistent appeal of demagoguery in America and showing us how it was resisted. At a time when many ask what America's future holds, Behold, America is a revelatory, unvarnished portrait of where we have been.