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250 pàgines
Format: Cartone
ISBN: 9780241146644
Idioma: INGLÉSMatèria: Narrativa en anglès
DescripcióA new collection of short stories from the woman Rick Moody has called the best prose stylist in AmericaHer stories may be literal one-liners: the entirety of Bloomington reads, Now that I have been here for a little while, I can say with confidence that I ha ve never been here before. Or they may be lengthier investigations of the havoc wreaked by the most mundane disruptions to routine: in A Small Story About a Small Box of Chocolates, a professor receives a gift of thirty-two small chocolates and is paralyzed by the multitude of options she imagines for their consumption. The stories may appear in the form of letters of complaint/ they may be extracted from Flauberts correspondence/ or they may be inspired by the authors own dreams, or the dreams of friends. What do es not vary throughout Cant and Wont, Lydia Daviss fifth collection of stories, is the power of her finely honed prose. Davis is sharply observant/ she is wry or witty or poignant. Above all, she is refreshing. Davis writes with bracing candor and sly humor abo ut the quotidian, revealing the mysterious, the foreign, the alienating, and the pleasurable within the predictable patterns of dail y life.