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DescripcióThe third volume of the series The Architects Studio focuses on Tatiana Bilbaos exploration of the landscape: from the territory o f Mexico over the urban to the interior landscape of the individual building, always taking social conditions into account. This is also demonstrated in Bilbaos various projects such as the architectural design of a pilgrimage route, a botanical garden in the Mex ican main trading center Culiacán, and not least the Light of Line, which is intended to enable women in particular to move more saf ely in remote districts of the city. In constant collaboration with experts from various disciplines, Bilbao wants to create archite cture that has a direct impact on its users.The publication also provides insights into the Mexican cultural, artistic, and building traditions that Bilbao incorporates into her projects. The volume addresses the question of the use of collages in architecture and embeds Bilbaos work in a contemporary as well as a historical context.