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Estat: Disponible para a compra en línia 10-15 dies

114 pàgines
Format: Rústica
ISBN: 9781948830041
Idioma: INGLÉS
Traductor: BUSH, PETER
Matèria: Narrativa en anglès
DescripcióA man tries to teach a stone to speak through sheer force of will. An engaged couple makes a pact to never lie, and their union diss olves immediately. Over the course of a phone call, a man learns that his girlfriend died months ago, and that hes been unknowingly seeing her twin sister. Prince Charming marries Cinderella, but then has an affair with the evil stepsisters. A psychopath's liver explodes after a night of heavy drinking, but instead of killing him, it allows him to be a better drinker.These, and many more, str ange and twisted characters populate the pages of Why, Why, Why?, a delectable brew of dark humor and biting satire on human relatio nships. In these stories, the characters dont start falling until they know theyre off the cliff. By then, rock bottom isnt a lon g way off. Another stunning entry from Catalans greatest contemporary writer, Monzós stories dust themselves off and speed on to t heir next catastrophe.