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Can a teenage thug that is beyond all hope and hated by his neighbours fall in love? Does he have feelings like all other so-called humans? Most of us think it?s impossible, or maybe we can?t imagine it. The church thinks there is good in everyone and maybe by this story they could be right. The first love of our young lad?s life is a girl that has spent most of her 18 years in and out of hospital with a weak heart. It?s a love full of sympathy on his part. Within a month or so of their meeting, she becomes pregnant and dies in childbirth. This is the start of a profound change in the lad?s life. With his reputation being what it is, revenge by the girl?s father is the only comfort that will satisfy the grieving for his only child, but the punishment he dishes out has an opposite effect to what he had expected. The lad becomes a decent human being with not only a meeting with the true love of hi life, but riches as well.

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