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In 1988, Harvard law graduate Tom Metzler is visiting London for the first time. Although on legal business, he finds time to visit the Natural History Museum where, among the cornucopia of treasures he witnesses something that changes his life forever: the sight of a stunningly beautiful young woman. He?s elated when their eyes meet and she fixes him with a winsome smile, but in an instant and as if by magic, she disappears. This vision of beauty reappears at Tom?s hotel later that evening. Tom?s delighted yet bewildered when she addresses him by name without the slightest introduction, and even more so when she tells him that he won?t be flying home to New York with Pan Am as planned. Instead, she?s booked him a seat on the TWA morning flight, and hands him the ticket together with a passport containing a different name! Without questioning the new arrangement, he catches the TWA flight home in a trance, later learning that his original flight crashed over Lockerbie, Scotland. When he arrives at his Manhattan office, the enormity of his chance meeting comes to light, as no one seems to recognise him. It?s as if he never existed.

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año de edición: 2014
formato: Epublication content package
páginas: 298
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año de edición: 2014
formato: Epublication content package
páginas: 298
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