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Sandy is a young, very conservative museum curator who is well known for her family's philanthropies. However, away from the office, she is also a bonafide, closet sub, a masochist of the first magnitude. She wants to try almost everything kinky, but conscious and social restraints, and her concerns about propriety keep her in an endless circle of auto bondage and intense, erotic dreams. Even at work, she daydreams about being a captive English woman spirited away from home by fierce and sexy Vikings and kept in perpetual chains and subjugation. At night, she has recurring fantasies of being a helpless Roman slave, subjected to the most arousing forms of debasement. She envisions the life of a youthful princess held in constant bondage by a handsome desert prince. She yearns for something substantive, more solid?something lasting that will bring her fantasies closer to reality. When she discovers that she can actually experience some of her dreams while safe and secure in her own residence, the possibilities become nearly endless. Her husband, Jim, is the facilitator. His deviously demented inventions and restraint creations set the scenes for Sandy to reach realistic physical and emotional peaks she never even dreamed about. The arrival of Sandy's sister, Meg, with her voluptuous girl friend, Remmy, changes the dynamic and provides Jim, the hubby, with a seemingly endless line of sexy young women who seek erotic fulfillment 24/7. No scene, no scenario in erotic novels, bondage equipment catalogues, S&M magazines or videos is missed. They try everything. Jim builds it, they experiment with it. They tie and chain and suspend every limb, flog every body part and plug every body aperture. They do themselves, each other and then try triples and duos. They use common household items, like the bathtub, as objects of orgasmic stimulation, torment and restraint. In the end, just when it seems like everyone has finally worn out their physical and mental capabilities implementing the last of their fantasies, Sandy comes up with the plan to end all plans. She and Jim decide that, despite the hazards, they will attempt to fulfill Sandy's ultimate dream. Does she get her wish or?.perhaps even more than she wished for? The conclusion may surprise you?or make you wish you were Sandy.

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año de edición: 2014
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año de edición: 2014
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