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Eric and Helen Brand married for over forty years are struggling pensioners living in the outer eastern London suburb of Harold Wood. Their only son Andrew and his wife Tina are brutally murdered by a gang of youths one Saturday night at the local amateur football club were Andrew is honorary secretary. Helen frail and weak from a chronic illness she has been fighting for the last twenty years goes into deep shock at the news of the death of her son and daughter-in-law. She lapses into a coma and is hooked up to life support system. Eric consumed with rage is motivated into finding the killers. After weeks of countless searching he finally locates the gang and meticulously plans to take his revenge. Through contacts who aided him in tracking down the killers Eric acquires a hand gun from an arms dealer. At this point his life dramatically changes as he plots the death of the killers. Later he is approached by the man Coulson who offers him a sizable amount of money and a contract to kill. Eric now alone after the inevitable death of Helen, and with more money than he has ever seen in his life. Is seduced by the power the gun has over him, and his new found extravagant lifestyle. Under the influence of Coulson, the path Eric then travels turns this seventy year old pensioner into a ruthless and cold blooded killer.

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