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The author shows us in fifteen short stories a society that is just around the corner. A future which will offer scheduled euthanasia (mercy killing), memory implants, soul restoration and premium embryos. Taking a personal approach and using a sharp, direct style ?Future Imperfect?, awakens within us a longing for a lost world, one none other than our own present. Editorial Forja Reminiscent of works by previous writers such as Huxley, Orwell and Dick (authors of classics of the genre), Fenieux has drafted a wide-ranging dystopian picture in which the features and intensity of our world are portrayed as both idea and nightmarish at the same time (science fiction is often referred to as tales about the present that take place in the future). One of the most significant characteristics of the genre, which in the reviewer?s opinion Fenieux perfectly accomplishes, is what could be called ?the story of the emotions?, that is, what would happen to the way we humans might feel about and experience life in a society embarked on a process of rapidly increasing use of technology. Ministry of Education, Chile (Alicia Fenieux) is a captivating voice within the emerging narrative. Municipal Literature Awards 2011, genre short stories.

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año de edición: 2015
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