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Mark Crizlanek is trapped in a loveless marriage and a dead-end job-clerking at a local supermarket. One night while he is working, an old high school friend named Trevor Gates shows up and brags about his new job with an online movie service. Mark is envious until he discovers what Trevor's job really is: a terrorist operation run by the Cappellas, the most ruthless Mafia family in the Midwest. Anyone standing in their way gets their DVDs delivered in a very explosive manner. Shortly thereafter, Mark's lover and manager are murdered. He is immediately labeled as the prime suspect, and the Cappellas' lawyers make Mark an offer he can't refuse: Cooperate and the murder change goes away. But something goes wrong and Mark is sentenced to 75 years in prison. On the way to prison, the Cappellas hijack the bus and Mark escapes. He's ordered by his liberators to team up with some rough characters and a volatile plan is set in action that Mark, unwillingly, must be a part of. Wanted by the authorities and the mob, he must play both sides to avoid the wrath of each-with deadly consequences. With breathless pacing and heart-pounding action, Greg Przywara's IVD has twists and turns that bring this bada-bing exciting novel to an explosive and dramatic ending.

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