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The pivot points in life are not always dramatic, but they can be. It happens that way for Mickey McCord, who sets himself on a new path with a single act of violence. Born of frustration and outrage, this moment provides a sense of purpose that he has never truly felt before. And it gives him back some self-respect. However, it?s just the first step. Taking control is a cumulative effort involving all facets of Mickey?s life. The learning curve is steep and occasionally painful, but he must take responsibility for his failures of the past. It is no longer acceptable for him to be the charming boy he has always been, letting things slide and waiting for a better day. People depend on him and he has let them down. There is repair work to be done. Lots of it. Especially with his wife. Sandy doesn?t quite know what to do about the new Mickey, but he tickles her naturally submissive nature in a way that she finds irresistible. There are bumps along the way as the couple struggles to regain the warmth and passion of their marriage. Sandy comes to recognize that Mickey?s growing dominance and her own masochistic tendencies do not make her powerless. In fact, they make her stronger. She was taught that those two things were mutually exclusive, but they aren?t. For her, at least, they are one and the same thing. Neither of them have ever heard of a D/s relationship, but they discover it on their own. It is natural fit for them, requiring only that they do what Mickey has been trying to do from the start, which is to openly embrace their true spirit and free themselves to love again without apologies or reservations.

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