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Running low on cash during poker night with the boys, Tom ends up putting his wife up for collateral to stay in on a hand and win an enormous pot he knows he cannot lose?and yet lose he does. None of his friends would ever try to collect on the bet, of course, and instead, looking faintly wistful, they instead merely rib him good-naturedly. His busty blonde wife Samantha, however, is not as forgiving. First icily offended by the embarrassed man?s confession, then deeply stirred, the seemingly prim and proper schoolteacher soon asks, breathy and flushed, if Tom truly would like her to pay his supposed debt?because she indeed would, she tells him shyly. Tom of course recoils?why, she is the love of his life, he tells himself uneasily, the mother of his children, a creature who should be put on a pedestal and adored, not sullied by other man?s leering eyes, their grasping hands, their hungry mouths, their urgent red erections. And yet? Well, despite her rather reserved exterior, Samantha in private always has been so wonderfully sensuous, and he craves to make her ever more beautiful in her pleasure. Secretly and guiltily excited at the wicked idea, the adoring husband thus agrees to grant his inventive darling the naughty little treat she so obviously craves. At this, however, Samantha?s green eyes flash in triumph, and she reminds Tom vengefully that she is not his whore?now, he is hers? She will indeed accept the proffered gangbang from all his poker buddies, she explains haughtily, but now that she sees what kind of man her husband truly is, this minor escapade will be only the beginning. Tom cringes, dreading and yet sickly entranced by the forbidden notions that dance alluringly in the inventive mind of his formerly reserved and respectable little wifey. And from the couple?s once-hallowed marriage bed to the back seats of parked cars to the darkest recesses of the internet, the smirkingly merciless Samantha will demonstrate the depths of her illicit passions, and the supremacy of her will.

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