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Part One: After an industrial accident and a profound Near Death Experience in 1966, in which he went through the whole process of dying and where he spoke to Jesus (Yeshua), Dr. MacDonald was given the choice to stay ?on the other side? or return to a broken body. He returned to life with the conviction that there was something wrong with the Gospels in the Bible and that he had returned to life to discover what the problem was. He discontinued his theological studies and started on a spiritual quest which took him from Canada to England and around the world, where he did research in Commonwealth Literature and the history of religion. He received his PhD from the University of Leeds in England and completed a successful career as a university professor in Canada. In the 1980?s he discovered a new gospel through the process of what the Tibetan Buddhists call a ?terma,? a text hidden in consciousness for many lifetimes till the time came for it to be written in the present. Part One explores the process of discovering the gospel and the implications of the discovery. Kevin Ryerson, one of the chief trance channels in the United States? confirmed that MacDonald was the reincarnation of Judas Thomas, and that is why he was drawn to tell his story.Part Two:The second part of the book is a gospel, told from the point of view of the Judas Thomas, who is considered in several early Christian writings to be the twin brother of Jesus. This section follows the canonical gospels fairly closely and includes many new teachings by Jesus (Yeshua) as well as an account of the relationship between Judas Thomas and his twin brother which sheds new light on the mission and teachings of Jesus. Many people have found this part of the book has moved them deeply and the Rev. George Parker (retired Anglican priest) reflects the reaction of many members of the clergy and laity when he says, after reading ?The Thomas Book,? ?the Gospels make sense for the first time in my life.? A number of people have found the teachings and the new account of the actions of Jesus and his disciples so important that they have bought multiple copies of the book for family and friends.

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