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Through the ages, many have searched for inspiration to give meaning to their lives. William Kevin Stoos provides that inspiration in a treasure of a book with stories of faith for thirsting souls. The Woodcarver will be carried in your heart long after the stories have been read. -Award-winning journalist and founder of Canada Free Press Judi McLeod. "The Woodcarver gives voice to our common experiences and sincerest hopes, and reveals the existence of God and His workings in our lives.William Kevin Stoos has masterfully captured our deepest longing for goodness, brotherhood, and truth." - Father Brad Pelzel, Director of Religious Vocations, Diocese of Sioux City. "Through stories of faith, William Kevin Stoos reminds us that we are not alone in our search for peace, for the Holy Spirit rests within all of us." - Dr. Robert Chandler, author of bestseller, Shadow World: Resurgent Russia, the Global New Left, and Radical Islam. The grizzled old German sat at the table in the Gasthaus smoking cigarettes and staring intently at our driver--a young, black private from Louisiana. On the floor surrounding the old man sat the most beautiful carvings of Mary and Jesus I had ever seen. Josef, the Woodcarver, was an ex-NAZI and storm trooper who fought at Stalingrad. Captured by the Allies, he was imprisoned in the American South. In a beautiful, poignant moment that I will never forget, Josef reached across the table, grasped the young private?s hand, and said, "I love the blacks." But why?

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