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Woven In Deception is the story of a wealthy Indian family, a forgotten deceit, and a malignant curse.At the age of 65, Doraisamy inherits his father?s textile empire. Soon afterwards he is diagnosed with colon cancer and dies following a long, drawn out and painful struggle. His eldest son and rightful heir, Rajendran, is a successful aeronautical engineer who lost his leg during the Communist Insurgency War at the Thai-Malaysian Border in 1967. Rajendran is also afflicted by a familial cancer that leaves him depressed and hopeless.Before passing away, Doraisamy appoints Rajendran as managing director of the textile business. Rajendran continues to face numerous problems, not the least of which are his own failing health and mental state. Unbeknownst to him at the time, his son Vikram is suffering child abuse at the hands of the family?s domestic maid. However Vikram possesses great determination, and through hard work he manages to establish himself as a successful entrepreneur and artist, although even he suffers from numerous modern day trials and tribulations, including a dissociative identity disorder. Will Vikram be able to maintain his sanity and triumph over the malicious curse that has gripped his family for three generations?

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