Lippard, L.

Plume Usa


ISBN: 9780525474272

Language: English

Category: Contemporary art essay

Freelancing the dragon ; Sexual politics: art style ; Prefaces to catalogues of women's exhibitions ; Household images in art ; Fragments ; What is female imagery? ; Six ; The L. A. Woman's Building ; Making up: role-playing and transformation in women's art ; Points of view: Stuart, De Mott, Jacquette, Graves ; The pains and pleasures of rebirth: European and American women's body art ; The women artists' movement - What next? Monographs. Irene Siegel ; Eva Hesse: The circle ; Catalysis: an interview with Adrian Piper ; Color at the edge: Jo Baer ; Joan Mitchell ; Hanne Darboven: Deep in numbers ; Ree Morton: At the still point of the turning world ; Jackie Winsor ; Mary Miss: An extremely clear situation ; Judy Chicago, talking to Lucy R. Lippard ; Pandora ; May Stevens' big daddies ; Louise Bourgeois: From the inside out ; Rosemarie Castoro: Working out ; Faith Ringgold's Black, political, feminist art ; Yvonne Rainer on feminism and her film ; Distancing: the films of Nancy Graves ; Camouflage: films by Holt and Horn.

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