Daum, Robert | Canel, Jason

Mcgraw Hill Usa


661 Pages

Format: PDF

ISBN: 9780071623414

Language: English

Category: Science reference: history / dictionaries

1000+ Q&As and 100+ real-world cases provide all the preparation you need for any pediatric examination and the boards

McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review: Pediatrics is the perfect way to prepare for any type of pediatric test or examination required for training and certification. You ll find everything you need in one comprehensive case-based review: more than 1000 board-style questions, answers with thorough explanations, more than 100 cases, full-color illustrations, and material that follows the exam content requirement of the American Board of Pediatrics.

Here s why this is the best review tool for any pediatric examination:

More than 1000 board-style multiple-choice questions with detailed answer explanations
Progressive case-based approach, includes real-life clinical vignettes
Covers all areas addressed by the board and recertification examinations, across all subspecialties
4-page color   insert, featuring 33 color photographs for cases pertinent to emergency medicine, dermatology, and infectious diseases
Cases and questions emphasize understanding key medical concepts fundamental to pediatric practice making it easily transferrable to real-life clinical situations

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