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ISBN: 9780071744348

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The quick reference you need to prepare for any pediatric emergency medicine examination or stay abreast of the latest developments in the field

Covering the full scope of pediatric emergency medicine, this concise, yet comprehensive, review is the perfect tool to prepare for in-training, board certification, or recertification examinations, or for use as a clinical refresher.  Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Just the Facts provides the essential information needed for the   emergency care of children in a readily accessible manner that makes important material easy to read and remember.

Learn more in less time with:

A convenient and efficient presentation that condenses and simplifies must-know material for maximum retention and comprehension
High-yield facts presented in clear, easy-to-read bullets
More than 800 board-style questions with fully explained answers
An emphasis on key points of epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical features, diagnosis and differential, and treatment
Content that highlights and summarizes important concepts to reinforce your understanding of even the most difficult topics
Coverage That Spans The Entire Field of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Sections Include: Cardinal Presentations; Sedation, Analgesia, and Imaging; Resuscitation; Respiratory Emergencies; Neurologic Emergencies; Infectious Emergencies; Immunologic Emergencies; Gastrointestinal Emergencies; Endocrine Emergencies; Genitourinary Emergencies; Dermatologic Emergencies; Otolaryngologic Emergencies; Ophthalmologic Emergencies; Gynecologic Emergencies; Hamatologic and Oncologic Emergencies; Non-Traumatic Bone and Joint Disorders; Toxicologic Emergencies; Psychosocial Emergencies; Emergency Medical Services and Mass Casualty Incidents; Medicolegal and Administrative Issues.

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