Mincho Press C.b


Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9789201619464

Language: English

Category: Illustration

Mincho #11 is dedicated to humour in its broadest graphic and conceptual spectrum, from the visual gag and conceptual illustration to posthumour and satirical art, highlighting its transgressive character. This issue’s cover artist, Misaki Kawai, invites us to not take ourselves too seriously, an ideology or moral code, connecting with the countercultural basis of humour through play. From the conceptual illustrations of Jean Jullien, Magoz, Aad Goudappel and Christoph Niemann and the subtle irony of Blexbolex’s books, to the world of absurdity and ‘incorrectness’ of the illustrator Ian Stevenson, the animator Don Hertzfeldt, the protagonist of the comic Cowboy Henk, the comedian Miguel Noguera – who granted us an interview – and the artist David Shrigley, we are convinced that the works featured in Mincho #11 will connect with the reader and will activate the mechanism of the pre-frontal cortex of the brain that triggers laughter, but also creative thought and intelligence.

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