Antinori, Andrea

Corraini Edizione


84 Pages

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9788875707675

Language: English

Category: Illustrated albums

With 'The Great Battle', Andrea Antinori tells us how sometimes trying to defeat an uncontrollable enemy like the rain can be useless: we can use all our tricks to come out on top – boats, sponges, hats of all kinds – but in the end we come to understand that we have to try to live with it and just wait for the sun to return. More annoying than a bear that takes up the entire page (and that readers of Noemi Vola, a fellow young Corraini author, will not have difficulty recognising), resistant to any new solution and cheerfully mischievous, the rain continues to roar stubbornly between the pages of this book: a story of yellow raincoats, frogs, and great battles.

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