150 ANNIVERSARY 1864-2014


Turner Publicaciones, S.l.


272 Pages

Format: Pocket

ISBN: 9788416142408

Language: Spanish

Category: Wine / spirits

· Vega Sicilia is unquestionably a unique wine, and one of the great Spanish classics. Its personality not only comes from the maximum quality of the grape and the rigour involved in its manufacture, but also, and above all, from the care for detail that the Álvarez family has succeeded in transmitting to the wines. · From a universal perspective, the peculiar characteristics of Vega Sicilia define it as a very Spanish wine and, in fact, it is one of the national wines that receives respect at the mention of its name. · This book is a celebration of the winery's 150th anniversary, making it one of the oldest not only in Spain, but throughout Europe. · Designed in the style of an artist's book, this publication shows very personal views of the winery and its wines through the eyes of three artists: Gautier Deblonde, Johnnie Shand Kydd and Ricca Kawai Kalderon. Their contribution is to give life and colour to the words of Harry Eyres (Financial Times) and Serena Sutcliffe (Sotheby's).

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