April 30, 2019

Barcelona Poesía 2019

Barcelona Poesía 2019

Barcelona Poesia. May 8-16th 2019

The poetry takes position and gains prominence in the bookstore thanks to the celebration of Barcelona Poesia.

The difficulty in defining this literary genre could be its essence: the protean diversity of styles or the constant hybridization with other genres and creative disciplines prevent an unique and stable definition.

The 22nd edition of Barcelona Poesia celebrates this plurality with poetry recitals along with performances, theater, debates, concerts, parties... A plurality that is embodied in the diversity of spaces, languages and poets, from the United States, India, Canada, Palestine, Argentina, the Congo and the United Kingdom.

We invite you to take a look at the selection we have made on the occasion of this edition of Barcelona Poesia.

Author: Laie




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