February 11, 2020

Carlos Pérez Siquier

Carlos Pérez Siquier

Fundación Mapfre in Barcelona Barcelona, ​​from February 14 to May 17, 2020

Carlos Pérez Siquier (Almería, 1930) is a key figure of photographic modernity in Spain. In his search for innovation, he was a pioneer of color photography.

Together with José María Artero, in 1956 he founded the group and magazine AFAL (Agrupación Fotográfica Almeriense) a photographic collective of great influence that showed the photographic vanguard of the moment.

Some of the themes of his work are a first series of the humble neighborhood of La Chanca, in Almería, the arrival of mass tourism, the criticism of the consumer society and also issues that relate to the more personal sphere.

This retrospective presented to us by the headquarters of the Mapfre Foundation in Barcelona, ​​will be the last one that can be visited at the Casa Garriga Nogués before the transfer to the Mapfre Tower. It shows works by Pérez Siquier from 1957 until 2018 with the aim to recognize this photographer who received the Premio Nacional de Fotografía in 2003.

Below you can discover the bibliography recommended for this exhibition.

Image: Carlos Pérez Siquier, Marbella, 1974 © Carlos Pérez Siquier


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