June 17, 2016

El peso de un gesto

El peso de un gesto

La mirada de Julião Sarmento a les col·leccions CAM, MACBA, "la Caixa" 
From June 22nd to September 18th in CaixaForum Madrid
Portuguese artist Julião Sarmiento proposed an exhibition, as Commissioner but also as an artist, with works from the collections of "la Caixa", the MACBA and CAM Fundacao Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. Sarmento was challenged turning the idea into the possibility of creating a work that, as a mischief, combine images and ideas to compose a fiction from echoes, suggestions and impressions. Bringing together aintings, sculptures and video installations dedicated to bringing viewers a story in which the works acting and dialogue. 



Laie 13/06/2016

Divino Morales


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