February 12, 2019

Joan Ramis

Joan Ramis

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the death of Joan Ramis, a very unique author in the history of Catalan literature. Writer, historian and lawyer, he lived in the Menorca of the eighteenth century; wich means under British, French or Spanish domains until 1802, when the island finally passes to the Spanish crown.

These alternations, apart from maintaining Catalan as an official language, favored the circulation of neoclassical aesthetics and the ideals of the Enlightenment among the Minorcan intellectuals who founded the Societat Maonesa de Cultura.

His work took a long time to be recognized by the scholars (Lucrècia is not published until 1968, by the hand of Jordi Carbonell) and today it is a part of the history of Catalan literature.

If you go through the bookstore, do not hesitate to browse his books.

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Laie 13/02/2019

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