Science Book Exhibition at Laie CosmoCaixa

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Author: Laie

From the 10th to the 18th of November comes the Week of Science and Laie CosmoCaixa will host the Science Book Exhibition, where you will find a selection of science books with the most outstanding bibliographic novelties of the year.

Among others, there will be books related to exhibitions held at the museum, books for children and a selection of books by Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize in Physics and one of the most brilliant scientists in history.

During the days of the Exhibition, you can participate in two activities:

-Wednesday November 14 at 7 pm: Presentation of the book Un pequeño paso para (un)hombre by Rafael Clemente (Ed. Cúpula)

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-Saturday November 17 at 11 am: Children's activity around the book El meu primer llibre de física quàntica (Ed. Joventut)

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(Free activities prior registration at: cosmocaixa@laie.es)

In addition, during the Science Book Exhibition you can enjoy a 5% discount on all books in the Laie Cosmocaixa store.