February 4, 2020



From February 6 to May 10, 2020 in the Fundación MAPFRE Recoletos Exhibition Hall (Madrid)

The Fundación MAPFRE offers us in Madrid an exhibition that relates the figures of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) and Alberto Giacometti (1901-66).

Although these two artists belong to different generations, they have in common having offered a groundbreaking and innovative look in the world of sculpture. Both managed to convey universal concepts of human existence with their works.

The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Fondation Giacometti and the Musée Rodin, Paris brings together almost 200 works.

Below you will find the selected bibliography of the exhibition.

Image: Patricia Matisse. Alberto Giacometti in the Eugène Rudier au Vésinet park, posing between Les Bourgeois de Calais (The Burghers of Calais) by Rodin, 1950© Fondation Giacometti, Paris.

Author: Laie





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