November 23, 2018

Sabartés by Picasso by Sabartés

Sabartés by Picasso by Sabartés
Picasso Museum, from November 23, 2018 to February 24, 2019
This exhibition claims the figure of Jaume Sabartés (Barcelona, 1881 - Paris, 1968), close friend of Pablo Picasso since they met in Barcelona in 1899. He was the artist's personal secretary since 1935 and, together with him, was the founder of the Picasso Museum.
The exhibition includes texts by Sabartés on Picasso and drawings by Picasso on Sabartés. Also photographs, books and documents related to the creation of the museum. It emphasizes a selection of the abundant correspondence maintained with Pablo Picasso during forty years and that began in 1904 when Picasso settled definitively in Paris and Sabartés went to Guatemala. They are letters full of jokes, especially with sexual humor.


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