April 3, 2017

Torné Esquius: Poetics of the Everyday

Torné Esquius: Poetics of the Everyday

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. From 7th April to 9th July 2017

For different reasons, the singular work of the painter, illustrator and cartoonist Pere Torné Esquius (Barcelona 1879- Flavancourt, France, 1936) doesn't fit in with either the modernist proposals or the noucentista style (turn of the century), even though the latter considered him to be one of theirs. His favourite topics were interior or secluded spaces, such as gardens or living rooms, humble or of artisan extraction.  It is worth highlighting, very often, the absence of the human figure and the main presence of inanimate elements that on occasions would cause a disturbing or even alarming effect.  He also produced other genres such as landscapes or portraits. 




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