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Category: Graphic work

Arthur Cravan, performing at the Monumental de Barcelona on April 23, 1916. The illustration was made by Otho Lloyd, father of Cravan. Arthur Cravan, born in 1887 in Switzerland, was a Dadaist boxer and poet. the only editor and writer of Maintenant magazine. In it, he carried out literary and artistic criticism eccentrically and provocatively, prefiguring what we would later see in the Dada movement. During 1915, Cravan left France fleeing the First World War, taking refuge in Barcelona. Once there, as he needed money to be able to travel to America and get rid of the recruitment, he returned to practice as a boxer. In this context is when the fight with Jack Johnson, world champion, is organized, making a lot of publicity in the press of the moment. It was a very uneven fight and Johnson left KO in the sixth round. It took so long because they had already paid him to record the fight and there was a minimum duration of it. This combat can be considered as the first "happening" in the Art History.

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