EAN: 9789202469679

Category: Stationery

Place any object or transparency on the Sunography Paper or Fabric, expose in bright sunlight, and rinse with water to reveal a rich blue print. Sunography paper or fabric contains light sensitive materials, which react to sunlight. What’s more each sheet or fabric square can be exposed on two sides both front and back. The superior quality of Sunography produces finely detailed prints. The prints can also be tinted, hand painted or decorated once exposed. Sunography is a great platform for creativity. Use old photo negatives, x-rays, bits of lace, leaves, printed transparencies or even household objects to compose designs. Sunlight sensitive material (the cyanotype) was a forerunner of modern photographic processes. This type of print dates back to 1842 and was popularised by Anna Atkin, one of the first female photographers. 100% cotton fabric. Six 15.2 x 15.2 cm. colour squares (one each: green, orange, rose, turquoise, violet, and white) enclosed in each pack. Each square printable on both sides. Prints a rich “Prussian blue” colour when exposed. Easy to paint or stitch over.

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