Bookstore specializing in modern culture

Laie bookstores and stores

Bookstore and shop specializing in modern culture located at the CCCB, a cultural centre that organizes and produces exhibitions and many events concerning culture and the modern world.

The wide array of activities organized by the CCCB (the Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona), which is located in the ancient city centre, provides an ongoing incentive to offer a selection of books, audiovisual material and objects which is in concordance with the contemporary world. The nearness of many university centres and design schools prompts the Laie to stay up to date with current trends in art, design, critical thought, literature, illustration...

The most significant categories of the bookstore are: CCCB publications, contemporary art, architecture, design, critical thought, history, literature, visual arts and contemporary music.

The boutique offers postcards, specially designed items (by designers and artists), artistic and cultural collector's items, t-shirts and accessories, promotional items and stationery.