Laie Pau Claris bookstore cafe

Bookstore of humanities, literature and arts. Cafe restaurant.

Laie bookstores and stores

Located in the heart of Barcelona, the original Laie is distributed over two floors: the lower floor has the bookstore, and the mezzanine is occupied by the restaurant cafe.

Laie, Barcelona's pioneer of the concept of the cafe bookstore, has over the years been embraced by the city's public, which has readily accepted this combination as a welcoming space to buy books, have a coffee, get a bite to eat or take part in the cultural activities that are organized.

Laie Pau Claris is an international bookstore of the humanities, renowned by the public for its value in the cultural sphere. It is especially appreciated for its selection, its client services, and the professional character of its booksellers.

The majority of its collection is in the areas of: literature, philosophy, history, social sciences, art, architecture, cinema, music, and children's books. It also offers a wide selection of both domestic and foreign new releases.