Lleonart Triquell, Aitana

Loft Publications, S.l.


254 Páginas

Formato: Tela

ISBN: 9788495832016

Idioma: Catalán

Materia: Arquitectura referencia / historia

The serenity and freshness of the beach and sea are reflected throughout this book. Here you'll find paradise-like enclaves ideal to relax or sunbathe. These places are differentiated from the rest because of the services they offer, making them special in their own way; comfortable hammocks for visitors to lie down in, exclusive cuisine anywhere in the world, almost deserted islands, famous European beaches, semi-hidden enclaves surrounded by unique nature. This book aims to let the reader get carried away by the spectacular beauty, forget about time and space, and surrender body and mind to the sound of the sea. An enriched rest and a pleasure to the senses, satisfied with exotic massages on the beach or calm sunsets in chill-out spheres.

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