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Parrino Armleder .

Jrp Editions

ISBN: 9783905770940

Idioma: Francés

Materia: Cómics / novela gráfica

Black Noise is a box set of 32 publications conceived in the style of American comic books. Each volume is signed by a different artist and linked in some way to Steven Parrino by projects and exchanges, by friendship, by reciprocal inspiration. Black Noise celebrates a format that Steven Parrino was fond of, a culture that was familiar to him. The only constraint upon the authors invited in spring 2005 was the format and the title of the overall publication. Some directly evoke Steven Parrino’s personality, whereas others produce a less referential contribution. Black Noise features works by Rich Aldrich, John M Armleder, Fia Backström, Sophie Bernhard, Peter Coffin, Philippe Decrauzat, Vidya Gastaldon & Fabrice Stroun, Gabrielle Giattino & Sara Turner, Janine Gordon, Kim Gordon, Amy Granat, Drew Heitzler & Flora Wiegman, Jutta Koether, Alix Lambert, Balthazar Lovay, Brendan Majewski, Christian Marclay, Mass, John Miller, Thurston Moore, Olivier Mosset, Chuck Nanney, Genesis P-Orridge, Mai-Thu Perret, Carissa Rodriguez, Aura Rosenberg, Michael Scott, John Terhorst, Blair Thurman, John Tremblay, Elizabeth Valdez, and Joan Wallace.

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