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Wigley, Mark

Lars Muller Publishers


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Formato: Rústica

ISBN: 9783037784273

Idioma: Inglés

Materia: Monografías de arte contemporáneo

Anarchitecture has become a foundational myth, but one that remains to be properly understood. Stemming from a series of meetings organized by Gordon Matta-Clark and refl ecting his long-standing interest in architecture, the Anarchitecture exhibition was conceived as an anonymous group statement in photographs about the intersection of art and building. But did it actually happen? It exists only through oblique archival traces and the memories of the participants. Cutting Matta-Clark investigates the Anarchitecture group as a kind of collective research seminar, through extensive interviews with the protagonists and a dossier of all the available evidence. The dossier includes a collection of Matta-Clark's aphoristic "art cards," the 96 photographs that were produced by the various participants for possible inclusion in the exhibition, and images from a recently unearthed video of Matta-Clark's now famous bus trip to see Splitting in Englewood, New Jersey.

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