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Celant, Germano

Skira Editore


352 Páginas

Formato: Otros

ISBN: 9788857231150

Idioma: Inglés

Materia: Monografías de arte contemporáneo

A complete collection of works from different phases of Farideh Lashai’s artistic activities. Born in 1944, Farideh Lashai was among the most successful Iranian artists, writers, and translators, best known for her abstract paintings. She studied art at the Academy of Decorative Arts in Vienna, Austria, and held over 100 solo and group exhibitions in Iran and many other countries, such as Italy, Germany, the U.S., Switzerland, Great Britain, and France. The volume is arranged chronologically, tracking her art and life from her birth along the lush Caspian Sea coast in 1944 to her death in 2013. It features her works alongside paintings by Western artists that influenced her and also includes pieces by Roy Lichtenstein, Alberto Giacometti, the Swiss sculptor and painter, and Mark Rothko.

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