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Carlo Atzeni, Adriano Dessi, Silvia Mocc

Recolectores Urbanos Editorial


174 Páginas

Formato: Rústica

ISBN: 9788494478697

Idioma: Italiano/Inglés

Materia: Urbanismo

Sustainable settlement and living are a new and topical challenge for architects, as it requires a significant rethinking process of the paradigms of the project, geared towards a more complex interpretation of the quality of the habitat. This volume deals with this issue with an operational approach, through an integrated research and project experience. “Continuity”, “Topo-logics”, “The Everyday”, “Production”, “Hybridisation” and “Sustainability?” are the issues that have been explored in-depth and that underlie nine proposals for sustainable habitats developed by the authors in international competitions. Such issues represent the theoretical background behind the approach to the project, that is ever vaster and more multi-faceted, where the concept of sustainability is interpreted through the strong relationship existing with traditional cultures and the modern living experiences in the Mediterranean, with the critical regionalisms and the contemporary trends, within an innovative path of continuity.

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