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Garrigue, Roland; Leblanc, Catherine

Insight Editions


32 Páginas

Formato: Tela

ISBN: 9781608874422

Idioma: Inglés

Materia: álbumes ilustrados

With clever text and whimsical illustrations, "How to Zap Zombies" helps kids banish their fears of the undead -- and have fun doing it! Kids will love these clever tricks and tips for getting rid of zombies. With a frightening appearance and an insatiable craving for "braaaains," zombies are truly terrifying creatures. Armies of these eerie undead monsters roam with their arms in the air, inspiring fear in the bravest of people. Fortunately, even the toughest of the walking dead can be defeated, and this book is filled with all the tips and tricks you need to face them down.

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