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Lachat, Rodolphe

Cernunnos Publishing


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Formato: Cartone

ISBN: 9782374950068

Idioma: Inglés

Materia: Referencia arte

Jesus portrayed in contemporary art, graphic design, advertising and pop culture. See Jesus in South Park, Jesus as an American superhero, a comic book character or a Japanese manga. The star of new pop art, Jesus, doesn’t fail to entertain. For thousands of years, the Jesus‘ life was the main inspiration for all the occidental artists. Then, with the repression of the religious sphere and the advent of democracies since the 19th century, the art left behind the sacred to become modern, impressionist, cubist, revolutionary, Dadaist... Here is Jesus’ Premiere in contemporary art, graphic design and pop culture. Jesus in advertising. Jesus in South Park. Jesus in street art. Jesus as an American superhero comic book character or in Japanese manga. Jesus, star of a new pop art. Jesus, superstar of fancy art galleries...

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