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Agnello Hornby, Simonetta

Lib. Feltrinelli

ISBN: 9788807016592

Idioma: Italiano

Materia: Narrativa en italiano

Costanza Safamita is born on May 22, 1859 to a still rich and respected landed family of the Sicilian aristocracy. Ginger haired, gawky and shy, she is the beloved child of Baron Domenico Safamita, though her mother Caterina rejects her, showing real affection only for the girl's brothers, Stefano and Giacomo. Due to the waywardness and misalliances of the two males, Costanza will be the one to inherit the Safamita's wealth and influence. When it comes to finding herself a husband, Costanza - used to spending time with the servants rather than with her peers - is at first overcome by panic. Finally wed to Pietro Patella di Sabbiamena, a penniless womanizer, Costanza will suffer the indignity of finding herself unable to whet her husband's otherwise keen sexual appetites. Devastated, she now spends even more time with her servants, and begins to look like one of them. Then, one day her husband spies a beautiful new servant in the kitchen, and his passions are aroused. Why is it that he hadn’t noticed this exciting creature before?

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