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Estat: Disponible per a compra en línia en 10-15 dies

320 pàgines
Format: Tela
ISBN: 9780500021682
Idioma: INGLÉSMatèria: monografies
DescripcióThe 'artist's book', is among the most prized in rare book collections. Matisse was one of the greatest artists to work in this gen re, creating his most important books over a period of eighteen years from 1932 to 1950 - a time of personal upheaval and physical s uffering, as well as conflict and occupation for France. Brimming with powerful themes and imagery, these works are crucial to an un derstanding of Matisse's oeuvre, yet much of their content has never been seen by a wider audience.In Matisse: The Books, Louise Rog ers Lalaurie reintroduces us to Matisse by considering how in each of eight limited-edition volumes, the artist constructs an intrig uing dialogue between word and image. She also highlights the books' profound significance for Matisse as the catalysts for the extr aordinary 'second life' of his paper cut-outs. In concert with an eclectic selection of poetry, drama and, tantalizingly, Matisse's own words, the books' images offer an astonishing portrait of creative resistance and regeneration.